Made in Italy


From the beginning, our brand has embodied quality, transparency and simplicity. Living in a world where so many things are disposable, we've become immune to the inauthentic.

We feel better knowing our products are made ethically and responsibly, while also cutting out the middle-person (and markups) by working directly with the makers. We searched across Italy and carefully selected the makers that joined the Ballettonet family. What you'll find here is the story behind their handcrafted shoes.

Baccaro Group (La Baccarina & 330 Trecentotrenta)

Founded in 1890 by Gaetano Baccaro, the great grandfather of the current owner Alessandro, the Baccaro family has been making shoes for five generations (soon to be six!).

In the years leading up to World War Two, Baccaro was one of the largest shoe manufacturers in the region, employing over 100 workers. In the difficult times after World War Two they were instrumental in supporting and providing work for many families in the region.

Currently employing over 50 workers across four factories in the Civitanova La Marche region, Baccaro produces shoes for many high fashion brands, with creative direction by a shoe designer from one of the most coveted fashion houses in Europe.

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Chantal 1962

A family of shoemakers founded this company in 1962, with the first workshop located in the historic center of Naples. The daughter of the founder, Emma leads the helm these days and liaises with clients around the world to bring shoe designs to life.

Meticulous in every detail, Chantal 1962 has retained their original characteristics and quality of handcrafted shoe products while utilising modern techniques. Their footwear is produced entirely in Italy using the finest materials with comfortable designs. Their styles that are always updated to the latest trends in fashion, while maintaining a refined and elegant style.

Styles are coming soon in September 2017.

Effemmepi SRL (YIN Italy)

Effemmepi SRL is a joint venture established in the Lecce region in 2011, between a shoe designer and shoe manufacturer.

With over 60 years of experience in the industry combined, Antonio Nuzzo partnered with Lugi Marti, to ensure the highest quality control for his shoes was maintained during the production process.

Ten years ago Antonio developed an innovative inner sole, made of synthetic compositions, that was flexible and long wearing. It now forms the foundation for his current shoe collection, Yin.

With Antonio’s daughter in the business, Effemmepi SRL is able to utilise the wealth of knowledge and experience Antonio and Lugi have gained to continue to design, develop and produce shoes to the highest quality and standards well known in Italian footwear.

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Gianni Del Prete srl (Clutch)

Giovanni Del Prete worked in the shoe industry for nearly 40 years. As a boy he worked as a labourer in a small workshop, learning the art of the craft. 

At 20 years of age he decided to establish his company and still manages it with love and dedication and passed this on to his children.

Fremillu and Clutch Ballerina are young labels created by the Del Prete family. Based in Grumo Nevano in Naples, the Del Prete's have been producing shoes for over 20 years.

The whole family is involved in the business, with one daughter managing the business, two other daughters leading the style and designs of the shoes and the son mainly involved in the business administration. 

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