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Clear Designer Half Soles


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For years the only option for a repair sole for your designer shoes was a thick (and ugly) black rubber sole. A shoe repairer would glue it onto your sole to make it last a lifetime. 

Fast forward to 2017 and we have come a long way. Meet your new sole mate.

From Milan, thin and super stylish. Get the designer look today. 

  • Vibram 1mm thin rubber half sole, see-through rubber to match your designer shoe soles
  • Soles come in a women's size 42 (or men's 43) which can then be trimmed down to fit any shoe size
  • Made in Italy
  • Exclusive to Ballettonet

Does the colour match?

The sole can be used on all coloured soles on all designer soles for long lasting protection which won't alter the original colour of the sole. Because this sole is see-through!

It is a designer rubber repair shoe sole that is ultra-thin made in a clear rubber. It has inbuilt grip and will cover the front part of the sole that you walk on. 

Please note that you will need a clear glue to attach the sole to your shoe. 

How do I put them on my shoe?

You need to take the soles to a professional cobbler to have them professionally adhered with a clear glue to your shoes. They use special repair machines and instruments to ensure that they are properly fitted to your shoes. Please don’t try to put these on yourself – well you can but they probably won’t stay on for long and won’t look very good. 


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