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Street style inspo: Copenhagen Fashion Week

Following the cancellation of Stockholm Fashion Week, to allow the Swedish Fashion Council to find more sustainable alternatives, the fashion world had its eyes on its Danish neighbour.

Copenhagen Fashion Week showcased the best of Spring/Summer 2020. Some of the best Scandi fashion, however, came from the editors, models and buyers outside of the catwalk. As the shows were underway, Vogue’s Søren Jepsen hit the streets in search of the best trends.

Here's what we know about Danish Street Style this August!

Source: www.vogue.com

Copenhagen Fashion Week style was all about the cotton dress and retro sneakers. Versatile and comfortable, the “ugly sneaker trend” is turning heads. Only recently, Gucci released a pair of distressed, dirty shoes at an eye-watering price tag of AU$1,175 (pictured below).

Source: Vogue

If like us, ‘dirty shoes’ are not really your style, there is still the ability to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe.

Retro, colourful or otherwise unusual sneakers are a trendy (not to mention, comfortable!) addition to any outfit.

We love Ballettonet’s athleisure take on this trend with their range of sneakers (below). For the more conservative, a bright white sneaker is a go-to, pairing with everything from a floaty dress, mum jeans or sports luxe styles, or for the bold, go for a colourful style!

See more of the sneaker trend hitting the streets of Copenhagen below:

Source: Vogue