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​La Festa della Mamma

Consider this job posting: "No prior experience or education required; 24/7 salary and hours non-negotiable; no paid benefits; lifelong tenure.” Would you be surprised to learn that over 6 million Australians hold this position?

Their job title is Mum.

It goes without saying that being a mum is one of the toughest, most rewarding jobs out there. With Mother’s Day just around the corner (Sunday 12th May – a little reminder for you!), we thought we’d celebrate by bringing you motherhood advice and musings from three of our favourite mums.

Erin Maxwell

Erin is a creative at heart; a photographer, influencer, content creator, blogger and founder of loveshopshare, and most importantly; mum to three.

What does the perfect Mother’s Day look like to you?

Spending the day with my family which includes time at my Mums house towards Ballarat and also at Nick's Mum's house in Geelong. As long as I am with my loves it’s the perfect day.

What challenges have you faced since being a mum and business owner?

Number one challenge is finding a balance between all of the different hats you wear. Keeping them all separate so you are productive in the work moments and also being present when you are with your family. I don’t often share on the fly/daily/minute updates on life moments so I have the beauty of just being present when I am in a moment and with those there with me and if i feel like sharing something I can later.

Because of the nature of my business and that social media is a part of that its always planned when they intertwine. I am always photographing my kids and my family and moments that we are in because I love it and it’s my art but it’s rarely shared on social media. I find that a slippery slope as to draw a line between my business and my private life.

Any advice for soon-to-be mums this year?

Trust your instinct - always! It’s incredible.

Don't listen to other people’s advice ha ha. Well, more so their way of doing things.Everyone has their own lifestyle, support base, personal beliefs and that’s what helps you shape the family that you want to be and what kind of Mum you are. There is a lot of noise but also some great resources but search for them as fillers to strengthen what values and unit you create from listening to yourself. You will be amazing.

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Instagram: @EJMAXWELL


Julia Tink

Julia is the Director of One Collective Group and St Remio Coffee and Mother to Hunter (3 years old).

What does the perfect Mother’s Day look like to you?

I lead a pretty chaotic life raising a toddler as well as running my own coffee business. So for me, I really cherish family time and precious moments with my son Hunter.

My ideal day would be a sleep in (Ha! Who am I kidding, that definitely won’t happen!) and then head out to a café with my husband and son for breakfast (Baby Cafe is a fav haunt of ours). Then we would hitEdenboroughGardens and enjoy a mild autumn day, play hide and seek, play on the play equipment and enjoy 100 kisses and cuddles. Once I put Hunter down for his day sleep, I would binge watch Billions before heading out to a yummy, casual dinner. I’d love to finish my day with a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep, which is not likely to happen, but hey, you did ask for my ideal mother's day!!

What challenges have you faced since being a mum and business owner?

The juggle is hard. You simply cannot have it all and be 100% awesome at everything. Because I work full-time, I ensure I drive all my spare time into my family. We do lots of activities and outings and I put a lot of effort into this ensuring we have fun adventures together but most importantly, quality time. I have a great support network that helps me and lucky for me, my son is a flexible kid and that really takes the pressure off.

Sure, there are times I come home and cuddle my son and cry because I feel like I haven’t been a good mother, but this happens to everyone! The truth is, if you love your children unconditionally, ensure when you do spend quality time with them (leave the phone calls and social media alone and just be present) and give them lots of kisses and cuddles – you’re doing a great job!

At the end of the day, it's also really important for me to lead by example and show my son both what hard work can achieve but also what a hard-working mother can do. I am a strong woman and I want that to influence my son so he grows up to respect and admire those qualities alongside strong family values, ethics, drive and tenacity.

Any advice for soon-to-be mums this year?

Don't over think it. Sure that are 1000 books you could read and everybody will overload you with advice and their opinion (even strangers) but the only opinion that matters is yours. Trust your gut instinct and don't let anybody judge your parenting style. You must do what works best for you and your family.

I didn't read any books or search any advice purely for the reason of, if I didn't know then I wouldn't feel like a failure and it was awesome! It gave me such peace and couldn't compare myself to anyone, I just figured it out as I went.

There is no right or wrong - just what's right for you. And as long as you have love and your baby is safe, warm, fed and protected - you have already got all the tools you need to be an epic parent so back yourself in. You got this!!

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Instagram/Facebook: @bossladytinky

Katie McKinnon

Katie is a visual artist, engaging with her community through surface + textile design, art advisory services and creative workshops. 

What does the perfect mother's day look like to you?

Breakfast at home with my partner Chris and our boys, or a coffee on the go on the way to kids’ sport... hopefully a walk later and a kick of the footy. Then celebrating my own beautiful mum, sister and mother-in-law.

What challenges have you faced since being a mum and business owner?

The work-family juggle is definitely a challenge. I’m learning that it’s ok to say “no” politely. This year I’ve taken steps to address the balance and have structured my working days so I can be with the boys as much as possible before and after school. The boys are far happier and so am I. I have become far more mindful of the projects I accept and am fortunate to work with inspiring clients and a wonderful team of supportive suppliers

Any advice for soon-to-be mums this year?

You will receive A LOT of advice (laughs) - cherry pick the good stuff and discard what doesn’t serve you.Be kind to yourself and trust your instincts. Stay in the newborn bubble as long as you possibly can. Enjoy that magical time and embrace the life changes. It’s a shock in the beginning, even when you’re well prepared. Try not to compare the “success” of your baby’s routine with anyone else’s - every baby is different.Sleep when baby sleeps and drink loads of water. Wear comfortable shoes!xx

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Instagram @katiemckinnon_art

Facebook facebook.com/katiemckinnonart