About Us


Our philosophy is about choosing quality, supporting transparency and being inspired by simplicity. Our name, pronounced ‘bah-leh-toe-net’, was created to encompass the grace, discipline and style that ballet instills.  So Ballettonet is a play on the word ‘balletto’, which is Italian for ‘ballet’. 

About Ballettonet

We were inspired to establish Ballettonet during a family holiday travelling all across Italy. Little did we know that this whirlwind trip around Italy would ignite a passion to bring the beautiful shoes made by local craftsmen to Australian shores.

We fell in love with the European approach to business – family-centric with knowledge passed down from generation to generation. We witnessed first-hand the value of retaining age-old traditions and modern techniques in the end product.

Traditionally, handcrafted Italian footwear is marked up 6-10 times by the time it reaches consumers - but we wanted to challenge the status quo. We had the belief that there were others who would appreciate beautifully made shoes with a notable provenance, at a moderate price point. So we simplified the process, cut out the middlemen, and created a way to make owning the finest Italian footwear more attainable.

With a desire to support the makers and their craft we established Ballettonet – an edit of the finest Italian shoes without the huge retail markups.

Stephanie x


Choosing Quality

Handcrafted with the finest leathers and materials sourced and entirely made in Italy to ensure quality and authenticity.

To maintain control over our manufacturing process and quality standards, we have a great relationship with our makers in Italy.

We feel better knowing our footwear is made ethically and responsibly, while also cutting out more middlemen (and markups) by working directly with the makers.

Supporting Transparency

When we save, you save.

Know what you’re paying for… and what you’re not:

X  storefront costs
X  enormous wholesale to retail markup
X  middleman
X  marked up designer label

Our prices come from using only high quality materials and ethical labor practices. Genuine high quality nappa, patent, suede and kid leather hold their shape for longer and age better once worn. 

While we strive to keep our prices as affordable as possible, we would never sacrifice quality to do so. We’re excited about our edit of women's shoes, and we want you to feel that you deserve great quality footwear.

You won’t find enormous retail markups, middlemen, storefront costs, or an inflated designer label here. Our vision is about removing the clutter and creating beautiful shoes through a new kind of process - without the traditional markups.

Inspired by Simplicity

The beauty is in the details. We’re detail obsessed. While believing that less is more, we concentrate on creating and selecting the ideal version of key footwear staples. 

Our shoes are designed and selected to complement and enhance your own unique style, no matter the occasion, time or day.

Through simplicity and minimalism we create a base for versatile, daily elegance.

Wearable, classic styles that speak for themselves - designed to complement your style, not define it.